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Frequently Asked Questions

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 Where are you located?

We are located in Buras, LA slightly north of world-famous Venice, LA. Because we keep our boats on trailers, our location is ideal for accessing Venice (to the south), Buras, and Happy Jack (to the north) waters. Each locations is unique in its own way and each hold more fish during specific seasons in the year. Our location gives us the advantage of easy access to the best fishing areas for the time of year.

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 How big is your lodge?

Our lodge is a large two story home with 6 rooms. We currently can accommodate up to 18 people at maximum capacity. We are in the process of building a mini-lodge we are calling the "yak-shack" to provide a great and affordable place for the traveling kayak fishermen.

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 What amenities are available?

We not only have great rooms with their own flat screen TV's, but our lodge has other great features as well. Outside in the back patio you can enjoy a heated saltwater pool or cook dinner using our outdoor kitchen. For those of you who may have to take care of some business while your on vacation there is an office room with a wireless printer and high-speed internet. See our lodging page for more information.


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What is included with the All-Inclusive plan?

The All-Inclusive plan means we will take care of your meals as well. Your host will cook you dinner when you arrive, a breakfast the next morning and even pack a lunch and assortment of energy and soft drinks for you to enjoy while you are out on the boat.


What type of boats do you use?

We have a fleet of three 24' Xpress shallow-water bay boats. 2 of the boats are equipped with a Yamaha 200hp engine and the other has a 250hp. We also have a wider aluminum boat we use for Kayak Mother-Shipping.

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 What type of tackle do you use?

That depends what the fish are biting! Fish change their eating habits all year long, but generally a jig with some dead bait under a cork works great. We often use a plastic called Vudu Shrimp, tipped with a piece of dead shrimp, its a real miracle worker!

 *Live bait can be provided at the current market's cost.


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What species do you target?

We mostly target Reds and Speckled Trout, but often we find ourselves picking up flounder, black drum, and sheepshead along the way.


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How do I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation by calling 504 534-5870.


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Are deposits required?

It really depends on how full we are for the time you are reserving. If the lodge is going to be full, we need to make sure space is reserved correctly and more then likely will need to require a deposit. Deposit are at 30% and refunds are given if you cancel a month in advance of your arrival date. Give us a call and we'll let you know.


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What is included in my charters?

Your Charter includes a boat with fuel and a captain who will clean your fish afterward. A typical trip lasts around 8 hours. The boat will be stocked with waters, but feel free to bring drinks of your own to throw in our ice chests.

 If you are doing our All-Inclusive option: a lunch, and an assortment of soda and energy drinks will be stocked in the boat ice chest.


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Do you offer package deals?

We offer deals all the time with large groups. Our deals depend on how many people, how busy we are and other factors. So please call and we'll see what we can work out with you.


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What should I bring?


  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Shoes with good grip
  • sun screen
  • camera
  • ice chest (for fillets)
  • Gallon zip lock bags (for fillets)
  • fishing license


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Do I need a license?

Yes, you will need a Louisiana recreational fishing license. If you are from out of state you can buy the cheaper "3-day Charter pass" from the LDWF website. All of our guides are Louisiana licensed charter captains so be sure to get the discounted license you qualify for when fishing with us.

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